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I have a great primary business but it is very seasonal so I need to find something to do in the off season. I love being a business owner and all the freedom of that comes with owning your own business. I have been looking for a business that fits well with the current workload of my other business so I can work all year round and have enough income for a comfortable life. This blog has some tips on starting a second business when you already run a business, including tips on time management and managing multiple cashflow streams.

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Looking To Purchase Grass For Your Backyard? Consider The Following Types Of Lawn!

The first step towards revamping your backyard is to upgrade the lawn. However, growing a lush lawn is not merely about buying the cheapest grass and watering it. Australia's climatic conditions dictate that you select grass species that are capable of withstanding the ambient weather elements, or you will end up being tasked with arduous maintenance to prevent the turf from wilting and drying. Fortunately, the right turf supplier will have a selection of lawn types to ensure that you not only find grass that will be ideal for your specific residence but that will suit your budget. To help narrow down your options, here just two different types of lawn that you can consider for when landscaping your backyard.

Tall fescue grass

If you know that you do not have a green thumb, the last thing you want would be purchasing a lawn that will require you to spend a considerable amount of your free time caring for it. For such individuals, tall fescue is the kind of turf that will be right up your alley. It is highly suited to homeowners unwilling to spend months nurturing grass to achieve a lush lawn since the fescue takes quite quickly and soon after installing it, you will begin to notice an improvement in your backyard. Tall fescue is also easy to maintain since it is one of the turf types that work well with numerous soil types. Thus, you do not have to take measures such as purchasing organic soils for its cultivation. Admittedly, it is not one of the hardiest lawn types in regards to heavy traffic. Nonetheless, if you do not own pets or have kids, it is a worthwhile choice for your backyard.

Couch grass

If budget is your primary concern when shopping for the right lawn type, couch grass could be the right choice for your needs. One of the top benefits of this turf is its self-repairing nature, making it great for people that want to spend time outdoors without having to keep off their lawn. Additionally, since it repairs easily, you get to save money on professional maintenance in the form of replanting the grass. Nonetheless, its low cost does come with one major drawback, which is hands-on upkeep. Couch grass is susceptible to thatching, so you would need to mow it regularly to prevent the blades from getting to this state. Its fast growth-rate also means having to deal with the grass invading flowerbeds, pathways and more, so trimming would be essential too. 

To learn more about the different types of lawn, reach out to a local turf supplier.