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I have a great primary business but it is very seasonal so I need to find something to do in the off season. I love being a business owner and all the freedom of that comes with owning your own business. I have been looking for a business that fits well with the current workload of my other business so I can work all year round and have enough income for a comfortable life. This blog has some tips on starting a second business when you already run a business, including tips on time management and managing multiple cashflow streams.

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Some Ideas for Alternative Uses of Shipping Containers

Before utilising shipping containers for the ideas that will be mentioned below, it is important to know some of the factors you might need to consider. They include the size of the shipping container and the number of shipping containers that will suit your needs. You may also require the services of a shipping container designer to help you figure out these factors. Don't just choose any designer; choose one who specialises in the kind of idea you have.

You may already know that shipping containers can be used for houses, offices, guest rooms, accommodation rooms, etc. The following includes various ideas you can actualise using shipping containers:

Indoor Gardens and Nurseries

Shipping containers can be designed to accommodate nurseries and gardens, especially for those who deal with hydroponics. As long as you have space in your compound or some land you can use somewhere, shipping containers can be a cheaper alternative.


Shipping containers create the best workshops. They are mostly used by those who do not have space in their home. At times there may be some space available, but it may not give you privacy. A shipping container will definitely offer you both the space and privacy you need.

Garage or Shed

Closely related to a workshop is a garage. Shipping containers form great garages if organised well. You can even have your vehicle and handy tools stored safely and neatly in the shipping container.

You can also use a shipping container to store your gardening equipment and other pieces of equipment. It provides a safe place and does not get damaged as a woodshed would.

Liquid Storage

Not many people know that they can store liquids in a shipping container. Well, since they can be used as swimming pools, you can store various kinds of liquids, for example, fuel. However, the shipping container has to be well-prepared by a qualified contractor so that there won't be any leakage.


For those who hold various events frequently and require toilets or ablutions, hiring a shipping container ablution will meet your needs fully. It can have both toilets and showers, and the only thing you have to do is connect it to a sewerage line. If there is no sewerage line, the waste can be chemically disposed of. The good thing about shipping container ablutions is the fact that they resemble typical washrooms with sinks, mirrors and all.