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I have a great primary business but it is very seasonal so I need to find something to do in the off season. I love being a business owner and all the freedom of that comes with owning your own business. I have been looking for a business that fits well with the current workload of my other business so I can work all year round and have enough income for a comfortable life. This blog has some tips on starting a second business when you already run a business, including tips on time management and managing multiple cashflow streams.

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How to Select the Best Line Marking Tools and Accessories for Your Business or Property

A business or commercial property may need to mark lines inside or outside the building for a variety of reasons; this can be to direct the traffic of forklifts and other machinery, in order to reduce the risk of a collision, as an example. Line marking outside can note special parking areas and zones, and direct traffic around the lot of your building. Whatever your need for line marking, you may get a little overwhelmed by your choices of materials and equipment, so note a few tips on how to choose the best items for your business or property.

Tape and chalk

If you want temporary lines, or lines that won't damage the surface being marked up, such as when you need to create lines in the lawn or just for a special event, choose tape or chalk. Chalk is very good for lawns, as the chalk material will settle into the blades of grass and be visible without coming loose, even if someone were to walk over those lines. Tape, on the other hand, doesn't adhere to grass blades so well, and can easily get pulled up and dislodged.

On the other hand, chalk may not work so well for pavement, as it doesn't stick and can be blown or washed away. A thick, heavy-duty line tape is better for concrete or asphalt, as it has better adherence and won't get pulled up even when walked or driven over.


Choose paint for permanent line marking, but note that you'll have some choices and options for specific types of paint. Thermoplastics are good for when the paint might be exposed to high heat, such as around welding or smelting. Glass beads add reflection for greater visibility, which is good for marking a parking lot that is often used at night, and for the interior of buildings that are open during a night shift. Glass beads also provide traction, which is good for marking walkways on a concrete floor that could otherwise be somewhat slippery.

Measuring wheel

Along with your marking equipment, it's good to get a measuring wheel. This allows you to actually measure the spaces to be marked, so you know exactly how much chalk and paint is needed. A measuring wheel can also ensure that you follow any legal guidelines and requirements for areas such as parking spaces and traffic lanes, rather than trying to "eyeball" the width and length of such spaces when you're adding tape or paint.

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